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Hoof courses

Hooves and Movement workshop, 11/05/2024

NEWS: the next course will be a workshop I do together with Serena Jöngren where we will combine our knowledge to teach you about HOOVES AND MOVEMENT!
Do not miss out on this one, it’s going to be super interesting 😀

Facebook event with more info and registration form:
directly to registration form:
Date: Sat. 11th of May 2024
Location: Grindtorps gård in Åkersberga (norra sthlm)
Costs: 1100kr/person (vegan lunch and fika included)

Shoot me an email if you have any questions info @ onbarehooves . com


Those who’ve had me working with their horses know that I always take the time to explain my approach and answer their questions. I really enjoy an engaged horse owner and love to take them with me on a hoof-nerding journey, and give them the tools and knowledge to better understand and care for their horse’s hooves.

So what’s better than explaining separately to each owner as I am working…. exactly: explaining to a whole group of owners, taking the time for it, sharing the learning with each other and really getting a feel for hoof health and maintenance!

This year I’ll be offering at least these two courses: Hoof Theory and Horse Owner Hoof Maintenance.

Are you a horse owner/co-rider who wants to learn (more) about hooves, barefoot hoof care and housing systems for healthier hooves and healthier horses? Then the Hoof Theory course is for you!

Are you a horse owner with a barefoot horse that wants to get all of that knowledge and also learn how to do maintenance trimming on your own horse? Then the Horse Owner Hoof Maintenance is for you!

Hoof Theory

  • Learn about hoof anatomy & function
  • Recognize healthy and less healthy hooves
  • Talk about cases and ideas for improvement
  • More than ‘just’ hooves: Get inspired about the advantages of horse housing on a track system / paddock paradise
  • Checking out my own horses’ hooves to practice what we’ve learned!

Practical info:
– Day course at Alunda (Östhammar)
Next date to be decided
– 4-12 participants
– 1600 SEK /person
– fika & lunch included
– language English/Swedish mix

Horse Owner Hoof Maintenance

  • Theory & Practice
  • Learn about hoof anatomy & function
  • Talk about cases and ideas for improvement
  • More than ‘just’ hooves: Get inspired about the advantages of horse housing on a track system / paddock paradise
  • Bring your own horse and learn to trim his/her hooves!

    Practical info:
    – Day course at Alunda (Östhammar)
    (date to be decided)
    – 6-8 participants; 2 horses have to come, too
    – 2300 SEK / person
    – fika & lunch included
    – language English/Swedish mix
    – tools can be bought from me or take with you what you have

Both courses are also possible ‘on tour’, so you can have me do the course at your place.
For that to happen there need to be a minimum of 6 participants and 2 already barefoot horses available.
Travel expenses will be added. Organisator joins for free. E-mail me to book a course at your place!

Got interested?

Great!! Here is a link to a form to reserve your spot.
Alternatively, Send me an email / DM with your name & the course you are interested in and we’re on our way!
I’ll send you payment information so you can finalize and book your spot by paying the course fee.

Also let me know if you are interested to join in the Hoof Theory course but cannot make it on that date. I’ll keep a list so you get an update when a new date is available.

at one of the 2023 hoof courses

Conditions on all courses:
– To reserve your spot in a course, you pay the whole amount with your application.
– If you unfortunately need to cancel, do so at least a week in advance to get a refund. You can also find someone else to fill your spot (let me know).
– If I unfortunately need to cancel, I’ll always try to reschedule the course. If you can’t join on the new date, you get a full refund or a reservation for a spot on a next date.
– Trimming happens at your own risk. I am there to guide you and show a safe work environment but I cannot be held responsible for any harm done to the horse/hooves or yourself during a course day.